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    Hello, my name is Ashley Swanger. I am a photographer in the Cincinnati area. While I mainly shoot sports photography, I also do families, seniors, weddings, reunions, and just about everything else!

    I started photography as a hobby when my boys were much younger. Since then, I have studied everything I can pertaining to photography. I have attended workshops of some of the best in the business including Denis Reggie, Joe Buissink, and Jasmine Star.

    I know it sounds cliche, but I am so thankful to be doing something I truly love. I have a degree in Political Science (why...I'm not sure) and a license in massage therapy, but it wasn't until I started seriously studying photography that I became certain that this was what I wanted as a career.

    I'd like to thank my husband and my two boys for putting up with my endless hours on the computer as I try and learn all that I can. And I'd also like to thank my mom who has helped me in every way imaginable in ALL my career choices :)

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Senior 2013-Raelyn

I recently had the opportunity to do senior pictures for Raelyn.  We did some studio shots, and then drove to the country!  Other than getting electrocuted by the horse fence, I had a great day :) 

Beautiful day, Beautiful farm, Beautiful girl…as a photographer, it doesn’t get any better!

More Glam!

Finally!  Baseball season has come to an end, and my constant traveling is no more :)  I am now going through and editing some of the pictures that I didn’t have a chance to get to earlier.  I thought I would share a few here.

These are from the session with makeup artist Jean Folchi.   


 I recently took a workshop from the Australian Portrait Photographer of the year, Sue Bryce.  Her style is “Glamour” Photography (and not at all what you might remember from the 90′s!)  I loved this idea…women spending the day getting their makeup done, hanging out with their girlfriends, and leaving feeling beautiful with gorgeous pictures to have for a lifetime.  The reasons “why” may be different for different women (whether they want it as a gift for their special someone, a treat for themselves, or just to hang out with their friends and enjoy the day being pampered) I want  the final result to be the same.  I want them to feel amazing and LOVE their photos!  I had the opportunity to work with Jean Folchi, a makeup artist here in Cincinnati.  She did an incredible job, and I highly recommend her if you are a bride-to-be, or just want a wonderful make-over!  Below are some before and after photos.

If you are interested in getting a group together or having a private session, e-mail or call me now to schedule an appointment! 513.722.1051

DawnJune 14, 2012 - 2:02 am

Love these photos. You are an amazingly talented photographer my dear friend. I need to get with you for my photos. Where have I been? LOL OUT OF IT!!
Very out of it!

Cami GrimmJune 13, 2012 - 11:30 pm

Ashley, we love what you have done as banner pics for our Mustangs team. I enjoy looking at the beautiful pics you take. Amazing talent. What a fun talent to have and meeting so many nice people. Cami Grimm

Heffner Wedding, Las Vegas

I met Jacquelyn and Tim a few years ago at my neighbor’s Christmas party. Not only did I meet the two of them, but their family as well. And let me just say…if I didn’t have such an amazing family already, I would ask to be adopted. Actually, they said I could be an “honorary member” so I’m seriously excited! Why? Because, they are possibly the most fun group of people I have ever been around. Let me give an example: Grandma Alice decided to get a wheelchair to help with all the walking around Vegas (who can blame her?) and well…the younger generations decided it would be fun to pile on the chair and speed through the halls of the Bellagio. I’m not kidding when I say that every time I’ve been around this crew, there has NEVER been a dull moment.

Here are some of my favorites from the day, and don’t forget to click on the slideshow below to see more.

This picture makes me smile :)

David Osborne played at their ceremony and cocktail hour and regularly plays in the lobby of the Bellagio. He is known as the “Pianist to the Presidents” because he’s played for Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Obama. Two words…Unbelievable. Talent.

Go Bucks! I nominate this picture for the family Christmas Card :)

First dance

If anyone reading this blog ever decides to have a wedding in Vegas, this is the DJ to have!  Mike Fox is awesome!!!

When I opened the e-mail from Jacquelyn saying that she was interested in Britt and I shooting their wedding, I got so excited that I think my heart stopped for a second! Thank you Jac and Tim for this amazing opportunity. I only hope that you are as happy with your pictures as we were to be there. Best wishes to both of you for a future of continued happiness.

Their wedding was absolutely beautiful on the balcony of the hotel, and as you will see by the pictures, it was tons of fun. In fact, I decided to make two slideshows. One is the usual type below, and because I had so many from the reception, I decided to make one of the crazy and fun pictures! Just to warn you: I had so many pictures that the slideshow is appoximately 13 minutes long :) You can view that one here.

Carter Wedding 10.8.2011

Bill and Christie got married on a beautiful Saturday evening at the Miami Boat Club.  Joined by their closest friends and family, and combined four kids, they said their vows and pledged to love one another eternally.  Bill and Christie, thank you so much for letting Britt and I share this day with you.  We feel honored that you asked us to photograph your wedding. 

                                                Christie’s daughter, Savanah, made a beautiful flower girl.

                                                                     Gorgeous couple.  Seriously.

                                                              First dance

                                                    I’m guessing that Savanah must be a huge Justin Bieber fan because she can sing “Baby” like a pro!!!  Every. single. word.

                                                   The first picture is my view, the second is Britt’s

                                                       To see more pictures from Bill and Christie’s wedding, click on the slideshow below.

Party of 7

Meet an absolutely AWESOME (not to mention, gorgeous) family!  These kids are some of the sweetest I have ever been around.  I did family pictures for them about three years ago, so they were ready for an update.  Jim and Julie are truly wonderful people.  They are both very active in their kids’ activities, and Julie homeschools all the children.  Jim also has the Sports Clips in Milford, so if you get a chance, go get a great haircut and tell him I sent you!  Below are some of my favorites from the session.JackLukeLaurenBrockColeThey were a little extremely happy to be finished!  Then it was time for a run down the hill…so long clean, white shirts.  I love the last picture…it’s definitely my favorite.  Brock ran so hard, he just fell face first.  No worries…he got right up and did it again :)

Carolyn HerrenkohlOctober 31, 2012 - 12:50 pm

Love all.

Studio (Before and After)

Finally…after a couple of years of wanting and debating…Should I? Shouldn’t I?…I did it.  I signed a lease.  A small one ( I only had to commit to 3 months) but a lease, nonetheless.  I feel like these pictures don’t do the “before” justice.  It needed work…lots of work!  But hey, this was the kind of work I had been dreaming of…well, sort of :)

And by the way, the drawings aren’t mine…they were just part of the lovely decor left behind.These next 2 pictures are just a room that is now used for storage.  I hope to have another stand with backdrops in here, someday!The waiting area.

The studio with my most awesome subject, Bogey!  Just lying there waiting for, yet, another picture.Smiling, as always!!!!  

I want to say a special “thank you” to my mom and my in-laws for all of your hard work.  I couldn’t have done it without you.