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    Hello, my name is Ashley Swanger. I am a photographer in the Cincinnati area. While I mainly shoot sports photography, I also do families, seniors, weddings, reunions, and just about everything else!

    I started photography as a hobby when my boys were much younger. Since then, I have studied everything I can pertaining to photography. I have attended workshops of some of the best in the business including Denis Reggie, Joe Buissink, and Jasmine Star.

    I know it sounds cliche, but I am so thankful to be doing something I truly love. I have a degree in Political Science (why...I'm not sure) and a license in massage therapy, but it wasn't until I started seriously studying photography that I became certain that this was what I wanted as a career.

    I'd like to thank my husband and my two boys for putting up with my endless hours on the computer as I try and learn all that I can. And I'd also like to thank my mom who has helped me in every way imaginable in ALL my career choices :)

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Nick and Kylen/Destiny Wedding

Nick and Kylen got married on a perfect Friday night on the Destiny Yacht  in Cincinnati.  It was amazing to put it mildly…beautiful ceremony at sunset, followed by the atmosphere of the Reds game, and then fireworks to top it all off.  And the party of all parties!  Their friends danced the night away on the top deck of the boat.  It was fun, even to be working, on this job!  Nick and Kylen, thanks for letting us be a part of  your special day.  You are a wonderful couple, and we really enjoyed getting to know the both of you.Nick’s love for Kylen is something every bride could only hope for.  Kylen, you are a lucky girl! 

I hope you both had a wonderful time on your honeymoon in Mexico! 

To see more pictures from their wedding click on the slideshow below.

Nick and Kylen Sneak Peek Engagement Photos

I met Nick and Kylen in downtown Cincinnati, on a Saturday evening, amongst the crowds that were there for the Reds game, concerts, and the Sausage Festival :)  It was crazy to say the least, but we still managed to get some great photos.  Because I have to leave town tomorrow, I promised a “sneak peek”  before I left. 

Marcelo Wedding

Kerren and Andy…two of the nicest people.  Ever.  It didn’t matter what Britt and I asked of them (whether walking ALL around the city, slumming in alleys, climbing 3 flights of stairs) they did it all with a smile.   I think they probably thought we would never stop…Just one more idea…no wait, this is it…really!   Thanks to both of you for allowing us to share your amazing day. 

It’s always great when you go to work and leave feeling like you’ve made lifetime friends.  I know that doesn’t happen to most people at their jobs, but so far…I’ve been lucky!

Kerren and Andy have been together for 8 years.  In the brief time I spent with their family and friends, I can tell they are truly blessed with love and true friendships.

Andy and Kerren opted to see each other before the ceremony in order to spend some quality time together and get some outdoor pictures.  This was the first time seeing each other. 

 I love her reaction

Now, for a little walking…and a little more walking…and just a little more.  After seeing the shoes, I’m quite sure she was very uncomfortable…yet, no complaints.  I love you, Kerren!

I just wanted to take the time to say what a great job T.J. Kennedy did at the piano.  This was one of his first weddings (he is 17!) and he was awesome.

First dance

I’m not sure, but I think Kerren won the cake war!

Andy and Kerren,  Thank you again for giving us this opportunity. 

And to the singing Marcelo’s (you know who you are)…the slideshow song is for you!!!!!


adminDecember 1, 2010 - 4:19 am

Dawn, thank you so much. You have no reason to be jealous…you were doing this, long before me!!! You just took a break to be a mom :) Can’t wait to see you.

Dawn M. SmithNovember 30, 2010 - 11:43 am

Ashley, I love your style. You guys did a great job. WOW!!!

I am officially jealous.

Love you and so happy you broke through to weddings, you have amazing talent.

Stephanie and Michael Callihan Wedding

As many of you who are reading this know, I recently decided that I wanted to challenge myself to shoot a wedding.  I took a workshop from Denis Reggie and Joe Buissink in April for the purpose of  better understanding lighting , and I came away with so much more.  They are truly inspirational.  Seeing their work and getting to know them…I just felt like it was where I was supposed to be, and this was what I was supposed to be doing.  (Cheesy, I know…but true!)

I just needed a willing subject to give me my chance.

This is where Stephanie came in.  She allowed me to shoot her special day with Michael, and I couldn’t be happier!  They are an amazing couple.  Each of them lights up when the other is around.  I sincerely enjoyed capturing their beautiful wedding in pictures, and I am so thankful for the opportunity they gave me.  Thanks to both of you. 

I don’t know Stephanie too well, but here’s what I do know…

  • She has a smile and a laughter that is contagious.  And she is always smiling :)
  • She has amazing friends and family. 
  • She loves Starbucks, her kids, Michael’s kids, and Michael (not necessarily in that order)                                                                                                          You know a girl has got to love Starbucks to go there 30 minutes before her wedding!                                                                                                                                      Did I mention that she lights up when she is with Michael?  Example 1                                                                                                     She and Michael made vows, not only to each other, but to each other’s children                                                                                         Mackenzie is a sweetheart, and she LOVES her mom.  These tears of joy made me want to cry, as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Example 2                                                                                                                          Example 3…I won’t keep going.  But, you get my point???                                                  To view slide show, please be sure you are viewing  It is not visible from


AngelaNovember 11, 2010 - 6:46 pm

You both did a wonderful job that day! Thank you for capturing Stephanie and Michael’s day perfectly!

Kathy UllrichNovember 11, 2010 - 5:37 pm

Great pictures – you did a marvelous job.

StephanieNovember 11, 2010 - 5:10 pm

Words cant express how wonderful you and Brit were. Together for everything. You were and always will be a part of the family! I cant wait to see you soon to do family pictures with the kids and every year from now on. Thank you from all of us!
Stephanie, Michael, MacKenzie, Samantha, Riley and Blayne!

TiffanyNovember 10, 2010 - 7:26 pm

Breathtaking! You captured the moment perfectly. I cried myself when I saw the picture of the little girl with tears in her eyes. You are incredibly talented.

KeithaNovember 10, 2010 - 2:40 am

Ashley…amazing photos! I love the classic B&W of course, but the detail shots of the cake, bouquet, rings, etc. always get my attention. The photo of the little girl’s tears made me tear up, too! I love that you saw that and captured the emotion of the moment! Perfect! And…how fun that the attendants carried pinwheels…12 years ago my attendants also carried pinwheels! You have a very bright future in WEDDINGS!!

ShareseNovember 10, 2010 - 1:29 am

Ashley!! You did such an amazing job. It was so fun to look through all of your pictures….I really loved them all and I’m sure they did too. Way to go! One wedding down and many many more to come:) I was also highly impressed that no one seemed to be cold……it was freezing last weekend!

First Post!!! Beautiful Puerto Rico

 Ok…so I need to confess something…I’m sort of addicted to the blogs of other photographers.  I love to check them out, get ideas, find out how they ended up in photography, etc…  A friend of mine, Sharese, who maintains our baseball team blog  suggested I do a site of my own.  I decided to give it a shot…so, here it goes!

Our family recently got to take the trip of a lifetime.  We went to Puerto Rico with our son’s baseball team, the Cincinnati Flames.  It certainly didn’t dissappoint!  The beaches were absolutely beautiful, but away from the resorts… YIKES!!!  Bars covered the windows on homes, restaurants, everything.  It was strange to say the least, but we had a great time.  The boys rode on a school bus with a police escort everywhere they went, and they loved it.  They played great and ended up finishing 4th (not entirely on their own) but I won’t get into that :) 

We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Dorado, and it was amazing.  The kids enjoyed the pool, the adults enjoyed FREE  Happy Hour every day for two hours.  WIN…WIN!

Below are a few of the pictures taken on the trip.

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Leslie BallengeeNovember 10, 2010 - 2:23 am

Love the pictures and your blog!!!!